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Make The Best Impression...


I am based in the suburb of Kirribilli in Sydney, Australia. With so many interests and passions my schedule can often fill up quickly- therefore booking at least 24 hours in advance is essential, however 48+ is preferred. The more time you give me, the more time we'll have to build up excitement for your arrival, and the more time I'll have to properly get ready for you. I always do my best to accommodate my clients who simply must see me, so I have an additional $100 same day fee if I’m able to fit a last minute booking into my schedule.

Deposit & Canellations

A deposit is required to secure our date. I take Beemit for its convenience, as well as bank transfer however I do occasionally take cashless send via St. George/Commbank.


Deposits are non-refundable and will only be returned on the rare occasion that I need to cancel our appointment. Moving a booking will be at my discretion. Any cancellations on your part will require any future bookings to be paid in full. 


Deposits are simply a guarantee from you that you will keep our appointment and an assurance from me that I will reserve and devote this time to you.


I suggest you treat our date like any other before we spend our time together. I adore the scent of cologne and fresh breath is always appreciated. While I do require a shower upon arrival to my incall, I highly suggest taking a thorough intimate shower beforehand so that we can get to the fun stuff quicker. Please make sure your nails are properly trimmed. If you do shave I request that you have a clean shave beforehand to avoid the dreaded pash rash. It’s not a good look for either of us.


I welcome visitors of any experience, age (over 18), appearance, disability, or ethnicity. What matters most to me are manners.


If I have to cancel before or during the booking owing to inappropriate and unmannerly behaviour on your side that in any way makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you are not entitled to a return of your deposit or any portion of the full amount. I don't misuse this policy; I only use it when I believe that meeting a potential client would put me in an undesirable/unsafe environment. This may include but is not limited to:

Pushing boundaries after I have already said no

Attempting to engage in acts that have not been discussed or consented to

Attempted stealthing - deceptive removal or breakage of the condom

Alluding to or attempting to engage in any sexual activity while I am sleeping and therefore not able to consent during overnight and multi-day bookings

Making a Booking

Please keep in mind that first impressions matter!
The initial contact we have will determine if we are a right fit. I’m very particular with my clientele and I value quality over quantity.

I only make outcall bookings to 4-5 star hotels. Depending on the results of a security check, I might be willing to make outcalls to your home. A copy of your driver's licence, ID, address proof, and/or references are required, no exceptions.

Only new customers: It should be noted that all new customers will go through a quick and private screening process during which your privacy will be respected. We won’t be able to proceed if you don’t consent to this, and I would advise you to choose someone else.


To ensure you feel comfortable booking and subsequently screening with me, I urge you to do your own research on who I am and my professional reputation. As an established professional, you will find my profiles on Ivy Societe and Dakota Dice, as well as a verified social media presence on Twitter.


The preferred contact method is SMS ONLY. Please ensure your name, date and the time you would like to see me and the length of your preferred date. Private/virtual numbers will be ignored.


Please ensure your name, date and the time you would like to see me and the length of your preferred date. Please be mindful that once a booking is confirmed I require a phone number for on the day logistics.


How lovely of you to ask! While never expected, I do adore a generous man and gifts always leave a smile on my face. You can find my wishlist here.

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